Calf is a important part of our body. It helps almost in every single movement of leg and we need to train them as well to attain a complete balanced physique. For activating the calf muscle we will perform a movement called Plantar flexion which is going to target gastrocnemius and Soleus. Calf muscle isContinue reading “CALF MUSCLE”


The muscles in the posterior compartment of the thigh are collectively known as theĀ hamstrings. Many people only focus on building huge quadriceps commonly known as quads but we also need to train our hamstrings on a regular basis. Training our hamstring is important for: 1) Injury prevention 2) Athletic performance 3) Muscle balance First ofContinue reading “HAMSTRINGS”


Glutes is one of the important muscles of our body but then also very few people train them with proper exercises. So here we’ll discuss about different muscles of glutes, and some important exercises for activating glutes properly. Glutes are composed of four muscles. –Glute maximus -Glute medius -Glute minimus–Piriformis Maximus – is the largestContinue reading “GLUTES”


Quadratus Lumborum this part of our body commonly known as lower back. And weak back is a major problem in today’s world. So here we’ll discuss some of the most effective exercise to strengthen your Quadratus Lumborum , lower back. 8 out of every 10 people are going to face some sought of lower backContinue reading “QUADRATUS LUMBORUM”


Latissimus Dorsi is generally termed as Lats. It originates along the seventh thoracic vertebra (T7) region of the spine and extends to its insertion point on the humerus. It is one of the largest muscle of our back. Since it is a big muscle we have to target this more effectively. To activate your latsContinue reading “LATISSIMUS DORSI”


Posterior Deltoids Posterior Delt also known as Rear Delts, is a important muscle of our body . Never neglect these muscles they help in balancing your shoulders aesthetically and functionally, it maintains the shoulder in the right position. It also help in increasing mobility for your shoulder. There are mainly three functions of this muscleContinue reading “POSTERIOR DELTOIDS”

Trapezius Muscle

Trapezius , commonly known as traps. What are the functions of traps, How to activate them properly. Traps has three different zone . Upper portion of traps start’s from .. back of your skull and ends towards the tips of your shoulder. 2. Middle traps have a almost parallel orientation from East and West .Continue reading “Trapezius Muscle”

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